Eleven Series Watercolors by Allen Etter

Volume 1: Shadow and Light

The Last King

The story begins at what seems the end: the last King has been cast out of the Land of Crimson on the planet Graha, sending it into darkness. King Mason uses his remaining strength to hurl a talisman stone through the rift just before it closes and he is lost on the other side, reborn as a child of earth. Unseen by the enemy, the stone tumbles down the mountain as smoke explodes into the sky and lava flows into the river valley. Swift and silent as an owl, a robed figure sweeps in and takes up the stone, dashing away just before the mountain is laid to waste.



On the last day of 4th grade, a girl named Mila discovers a white glow coming from her body and spends most of her summer break walking the beaches of Ocean City trying to figure out what it means. During a trip to the Columbus zoo, Mila is powerfully drawn to visit a hopelessly sick manatee in an off-limits area of the park. Without knowing how or why, she shares her light with the animal and heals her completely with a simple touch. Though still unable to understand or accept the fullness of her power, Mila comes to realize she is more than just an 11 year old girl from Maryland.



Through the Doorway

One night Mila is lying in bed, contemplating the changes in her life. As she watches her glow playing on the ceiling, it begins to focus into a rectangular shape, that soon becomes clearly defined as a bright doorway. Beyond the threshold, she sees a world that is dark and broken: a town in the distance lay in ruins and in her mind, voices tell a tale of hopelessness and destruction. Mila bolts from her room in terror, but eventually gives in to a powerful drive to move toward this parallel realm. She steps through the doorway and into the Land of Graha, beginning the next phase of her quest.

The Eyes of Darkness
Following the whispers of her intuition and synchronicity, Mila finds herself in Columbus, Ohio standing before Jonas, the rightful king of Verde, living as a simple zoo employee named John. Yet unaware of his own true identity, Mila gives John the ring that he once wore as King, and the process of remembering and returning home begins. Unbeknownst to Mila, the Dark one see her every move.


Volume 2 – Clouds of Solitude

Falling from Grace

The Land of Jonquil, realm of clouds and sky, is falling from the heights and crumbling to the unforgiving sands of the Tenpi desert below. Without queen Zehn, the Land cannot remain aloft and the once brilliant sheen of the precious metals and gemstones is tarnished as evil spreads. Will Mila and the resisters find Zehn in time to save Jonquil?



A Warrior's Test

Rosette, Highpointe warrior of Verde, has been captured by Fincher, the dark ruler of Jonquil. Though she believes that in the labyrinthian maze of the Mazurin Gon she fights for her life and for the chance to see king Jonas once again, she could not know that Fincher has no intention of allowing her to escape.

A Coin of Two Sides

Lium of Jonquil, an ambitious young warrior and protege of the Prime Warrior Esod of Jonquil, has joined the resistance. Though he walks with the resisters, his true allegiance may lie elsewhere. Will his actions help defeat Fincher, or will he choose to serve another master?

Going Under

As the waters of Lapis close in on the Land of Verde, is seems that all hope is lost. The resisters are beaten back into hiding and Mila must flee back to earth to preserve her own life. Will king Jonas, the lone restored ruler, survive the assault without queen Zehn's help?

Volume 3 – Shifting Tides

The Birth of Hope

Queen Helena of Lapis, seer and mystic, had foreknowledge of the destruction that would come to her Land and all the Lands of Graha. In that vision, however, she also saw hope, and accepted the twists and turns of her path as destiny. In preparation, she brings forth Root, a child of two Lands, to give hope to the resistance and the cause of unity.



In a quiet Lapisian cove on a starlit night, princess Cira shares a vision with Mila, revealing another chapter of her story. Still reeling from what she'd seen, Mila returns to the group with renewed willingness to help defeat the frozen-hearted Micca and bring queen Helena back to the throne of Venelia.



With the war in Verde escalating to desperation, queen Zehn is finally moved to solidarity and brings her Land of Jonquil to the battle. With Verdeans, Crimsonites and Jonquilians unified in resistance, there is hope to hold back the mighty army of Lapis long enough to restore queen Helena to the throne.



With help from some of Salvitor's devices, Mila brings a few friends from Graha back to earth to search for clues on the whereabouts of Helena. The group finds themselves in Italy studying the works of Leonardo DaVinci. Following the connections between two seemingly separate lives, the group finds queen Helena hidden in a most surprising place.

Eleven Series Chapter Images by J.J. Bende