The Authors

J.J. Bende

J.J. Bende has always had a strong passion for fantasy and science fiction stories.

Early in life, he began crafting the story of Eleven in his mind, and the tale has grown and evolved with him through the years.

Sharing this story with the world is another gratifying outlet for him in addition to his design work, paintings, and photography.

J.J. was born and raised in Ohio. He studied fine art at Bowling Green State University, specializing in drawing and photography. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and two children. 

Carisa Holmes

Carisa Holmes was born in Dayton, Ohio and attended the Colonel White High School for the Arts, moving on to study vocal performance at Wright State University.  

Carisa feels it is her life purpose to facilitate the birth of creative power and has always been a lover of all forms of art and creative expression.

As a writer, she began with poetry and short stories, moved on to songwriting and now with the Eleven series, has co-authored her first novels. 

Carisa lives in Columbus, Ohio and works as a singer, writer and Creative Power Coach.