Volumes of The Eleven Series

Volume 1: Shadow and Light

In Shadow and Light, the first novel of the series, Mila discovers a white glow that comes from within her body that only she can see. One summer afternoon she meets a mysterious old man who gives her a watch. More than just a simple timepiece, the watch ushers her through a doorway into another realm where Mila discovers she is not just an ordinary girl from Maryland.

Through her adventures, Mila learns that she is gifted, courageous and more powerful than she ever imagined. Under the guidance of the wise and kindly Thornhill and a band of elite warriors, Mila joins the quest to fight the Dark One and return King Jonas to the throne of the Land of Verde.

Volume 2: Clouds of Solitude 

In the second book, Clouds of Solitude, Mila and the resisters soar high above the unforgiving desert of Tenpi into Jonquil, the Land of clouds and sky. Mila faces a shocking betrayal at the hand of one she once admired and discovers power in the sting of that pain. Through all the chaos, Mila finds new hope in an old friend, and learns that though she has often felt isolated in her task, she has never really been alone. 

Volume 3: Shifting Tides

In book three, Mila travels to the undersea realm of Lapis to foil the frozen-hearted Micca and restore Queen Helena to the throne of Venelia. Having broken her special watch, time now passes at home while she is in Graha and she must move carefully in the night. With the help of the resisters, Mila travels to Italy and solves a grand mystery, finding Queen Helena hiding in a surprising place.

Volume 4: TBD